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I originally went to see Sally because of troubled sleep resulting in headaches and toothache. She soon made me realize that it was my body's way of dealing with stress and tensions in my life that really were of my own making. Over the weeks she helped me recognize the signs of stress and deal with them rationally. I am a much calmer person and I sleep throughout the night, waking without a headache and clamped teeth!
Thanks Sally
Date of Posting: 22 October 2014
Posted By: Penny (Stress)
Sally, I was recommended to you by a work colleague who had stopped smoking after hypnotherapy with yourself. I had been a smoker for approximately 25 years and was smoking 25 per day. I was convinced that hypnotherapy would not work for me, but you made me feel so positive about how I would make it work for me as I was more than capable to become a "non-smoker". So 8 weeks down the line and I am still a non-smoker and it's all thanks to you, and I still listen to your CD as it help's me to relax and focus. I will keep you updated. Lindsey
Date of Posting: 20 September 2014
Posted By: Lindsey (Smoking)
Sally has changed my life in several different way even though I have always been very sceptical with this sort of thing.
After 42 years of smoking 30 a day one two hour visit I came out and have never even wanted a cigarette since and that is almost a year ago and for what it cost me I saved in two weeks.
I have just finished a course of sessions relating to stress as I was stressed at work as I have my own business and stress carried on at home and I was at a stage of hating work and my home life.
Since my course of sessions I have been a changed person as without the stress and always rushing about I actually enjoy going to work and am also very happy in my home life.
I really recommend everyone to take this course as before this new lease of life I was not that bothered about how long life was however since this course I enjoy life so much more I would like it to continue forever as I am so happy and now enjoy everything so much more it is hard to believe.
This is the best money I have ever spent and would be the best investment anyone could make as the rewards are priceless.
Better than winning the lottery!
Colin Smith
Date of Posting: 28 August 2014
Posted By: Colin Smith (Smoking)
Market Harborough
Hi Sally,
I just wanted to send an email to say thank you & to give you an update following our sessions last year. If you recall at the time I came to see you, I was so lacking in confidence I could barely walk through a shopping mall without feelings of paranoia & insecurity from the imagined critical thoughts of strangers, fast forward to today - I'm a newly qualified fitness instructor and I can get up in front of a class of 12+ and confidently teach indoor cycling for 45 minutes without a second thought.
I can see improvements in other areas of my life too and I still use 'breathing' as a 'secret weapon' in tricky situations.
I still listen to your CD at bedtime and I'm certain it has an impact on how I feel nowadays.
Date of Posting: 24 April 2014
Posted By: LK
I just wanted to tell you how thankful i am to my parents for bringing me to you - and because of how much you have helped me. This past year has been tricky and i think you have made it a lot easier than it could have been. I was able to talk to you like a friend in the sessions and you helped me with situations at school and with friends. etc. It is because of you that my teachers and friends have noticed how confident and happy i am now. I think you have taught me a lot about myself and I think everyone needs a person like you in their life. It has been so fun to see you and chat with you about holidays and dog poop on that shoe haha!
Thank you so much for everything you've done which has made an impact on my life and myself.
MR 15yrs old
Date of Posting: 15 October 2013
Posted By: MR (Confidence)
market harborough

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Hi Sally<br /> Hope you are well. I wanted to wait a while before I sent some feedback to you. It has now been 39 days since I have had a cigarette thanks to you. I have never felt so confident in giving up and staying smoke free as I am now. Thank you Sally for helping me by unlocking the...

HS (Stop Smoking)
Jun 11, 2018


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